With Love And Squalor
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About: I'm just a 22 year old girl trying to take things day by day and learning to value each moment for what it is. I originally started this blog when I was in a very bad place in my life and saw myself primarily as a maladjusted, very dependent and ill young woman. I'm nowhere near perfect and I falter, but I've learned a lot about who I am, and where I'm going, and I am constantly trying to grow more. I am a writer, words are my passion, and I need them like oxygen. I'm also very passionate about issues regarding women, and am currently working on a research project at my university that focuses on disclosure methods among survivors of sexual assault. I post a lot of my own work on here, I'll post about my research as it goes through the many processes required by the university, and I post art that inspires me. I'm still in the process of recovery and getting my life together, and if you ask I will probably tell you more about that, but I feel that my experiences thus far in life can be used to help other people and painful as they may have been, they have made me into the person I am today. Because I know I'll be asked, I am NOT a survivor myself, I just have many loved ones who are.

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On Saturday afternoon, I decided that spending a second more in Merced being depressed was not going to be acceptable, so I drove back home for a few days. I missed my brother more than words could possibly say, and I am beyond happy that I got to see him. Well, I am still home, and we are about to go out and engage in some shenanigans.

This is very important.

I bought Ward 6 by Chekhov, Kafka’s complete published works, and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells yesterday. I started reading Kafka on the bus today. He’s not what I expected, and I’m admittedly not impressed yet, but we shall see. We shall see.

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